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One of the hardest thinking tasks we can be assigned is to describe ourselves.  We usually find ourselves at a loss for words when given the opportunity to describe who we are.  Some may argue that part of being humble is downplaying our qualities.  Others may point to the fact that the process of self discovery is one of continuous evolving knowledge.

There is no greater journey than the one that you must take to discover all the mysteries that lie within you!

We spend most of our lives exploring who we are based on the circumstances that surround us.  We then come to believe that who we are is mainly determined by the environment we encounter or the obstacles we face.  Could this be true? Could our personality and behaviors be shaped by external factors in our environment?  If this proves to be true, how can we even become successful over our current or future surroundings?


What years of studies have come to consider is that two or more individuals who grow up in the same environment will not necessarily have the same development and ultimately outcome in life.  This would then challenge the theory that the environment that surrounds an individual has a mayor direct impact on the way he behaves and therefore who he truly is.  It’s not your surroundings, it is how you actually respond to it.  This great article from Psychology Today offers great insights on to this point of view: “Two Siblings, One Spotlight”


The greatest discovery in life is Self Discovery. Until you find yourself you will only be someone else. Become Yourself!

By using years of research and studies which have been performed on this same subject we can come to the conclusion that even when the environment has an effect on the individual, it will not be the determining factor in regards to the total behaviors of each subject being analyzed.

Well Done is better than well said

When we use words to describe ourselves we tend to go into the notion of what is socially expected from us in terms of being a good citizen, neighbor, son/daughter, wife/husband, employee, or any other role we get to play in our daily lives.  We use adjectives which we believe will gain us favor in the eyes of others while most of the time steering further away from who we truly are. We tend to use pre-packaged answers which not necessarily describe our true behaviors.


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On the other hand, if we take a look at our behavior and actions we can start to gather the correct information on who we truly are. The measure of who we have become can be extracted by analyzing how we act, how we react and how we behave when we are not influenced by self-awareness.


We need to start describing who we are with the actions that we perform.  Instead of looking for adjectives or pretty words to try and describe who we think we are, it would make a huge impact in our lives if we started looking at the actions that we already do and used those actions to describe who we really are.  The answers would most likely totally differ from one another.


In most instances we will come to find that who our words say we are and who our actions show us we are; will not always be aligned. They will vary significantly.  Today is the day to stop looking at pretty words to describe who we are and start evaluating our actions in different scenarios just to make sure we understand who our actions are telling us we actually are.  

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By objectively looking at our actions instead of preconceived notions of who we wish we were, we will start to uncover the beauty that is within and the untapped potential. We will also be able to start developing who we truly are by giving ourselves the opportunity of growth.

Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew!

One of the key points to self development is the clear understanding that the development of our true self is a never ending process which will constantly evolve based on where we are, what we do, what information we use to nurture our inner self and many other variables which we may or not be able to control.


The main challenge will always be on how to remain true to ourselves and not try to use words to describe who we think we are or wished we were.  If we have a clear focus on which direction our lives need to be headed; we can then take the action steps which will gradually lead us towards that goal.

The more you know yourself


Take into consideration that every day will bring new variables which can positively or negatively affect the direction this journey is headed.  You need to remain focused and completely aware that you do not need to describe who you are with words but to the contrary; let every action you take add value to the lives of others.  Eventually those actions you take will become the words other people can use to describe you.  Understand how to make the most out of the process of personal development.

Take every day as a new opportunity to let your actions define who you truly are and make sure you Challenge Yourself to Be Better, to do more and to Always Live For Growth!

True self discovery will begin where your comfort zone ends!


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