Our minds are unable to function properly on an empty stomachneither are distractions. DO NOT FEED THEM!

Hunger has been proven to limit the ability of proper function in the human body. To a certain extent, depriving the body from the nutrients foods provide, will drastically reduce the body’s performance overall. As part of this process we have been taught to feed our body so in return it can continue to function as we expect it to.

The same happens when we start feeding the distractions around us. When we start nourishing those things that take our focus away from our goals; we may start to invest time into non-productive tasks which will not take us closer to where we need to go. Every distraction is an enemy to our progress.


We need to starve every distraction around us immediately. There is no point in feeding what will later become obstacles in our path.

If the main purpose of a distraction is to deter us from what we are destined to achieve, why start feeding them?

When we live with the conviction that we are destined for a greater purpose, we will understand that distractions are merely attempts to limit our true potential. We have to identify them as an enemy and eliminate each of them from our Purpose driven life!

How many distractions are you going let starve from now on?



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