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Instructions for living a life: Pay Attention... Be Astonished... Tell About It!

We all know a tourist can be defined as someone who travels from their usual environment to another with the purpose of learning, experiencing new things and gaining cultural knowledge at some point of their life.

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If we closely examine the behaviors of a tourist, we will come to find out that a tourist is closely aware of the details that surround them.  They highly enjoy the cultural, architectural and gastronomic aspects of the area they are visiting.  The tourist mindset is to maximize every second of their stay, taking in the entire experience and being able to snap a million pictures if possible.  They won’t be completely satisfied until they have visited every corner of their destination and savoured every available food choice.


By being so eagerly aware and excited for the experience, a tourist gets to be greatly surprised, impressed and amazed by what they get to see.  And after the experience concludes they can’t wait to tell everybody and their friends about it.  When they get the chance to talk about their experience, they are able to relive all the excitement the experience originally brought.  This will almost always include, the emotions, taste, smells and joy they may have lived through.  Please bear with us on using this allegory.


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If a tourist visited your hometown they would enjoy the architectures, scenery and cuisine that you have grown so used to.  They would find great pleasure on the simple things you have taken for granted by missing out on the details.  Imagine how powerful it would be if you became a tourist in your own life.  


 If you started to pay much closer attention to the many details that surround you on a daily basis.  It could be life changing if you had the mindset of wanting to take thousands of pictures of the things that truly matter to you and took mindful pleasure of every experience in your day.  You would definitely want to share this experience with everyone you met so you could get to relive it over and over again.



So come on… Open your eyes like a camera lens and start recording your surroundings.  Make it your goal to explore every corner of your destination, be astonished by all of what you get to experience and remember to relive it by sharing it with those around you.  Enjoy your trip and remember to book your next adventure daily so you are focused and successful in being able to Challenge Yourself To Be Better… To Do More… To Live For Growth!


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