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Have you ever found yourself staring into a maximum capacity label inside an elevator, on a ladder, a bridge or even your own car?  The main purpose of these labels is to inform about the load capacity that is manageable by the item.  If this load size is exceeded, you run the risk of degrading performance, safety issues or even failures.



Understanding the importance of the information provided by these kind of labels, what would the maximum load size be for us to never run the risk of wearing down performance and reducing the possibility of failure?

You Don’t Feel The Weight Of Something You’ve Been Carrying Until You Feel The Weight Of Its Release

We all have loads to carry due to our roles or responsibilities.  Ranging from the workplace and co-workers to family and friends; we all have certain loads that come with the territory.  When we carry out our main responsibilities, it is expected for us to be just fine.  However, the problem begins to appear when our load size is constantly increased by loads we pick up along the way, and we start to see a decrease in performance with the risk of failure.

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These extra loads we start to pick up can come from many sources such as, an initial favor to a family member which eventually dumps their responsibility on you.  Maybe trying to help out a co-worker by doing their job for what you think is a one time only thing but turns out to be a recurring situation.  Adding loads as well by simply failing to say no when it is truly needed.  Learning how to say NO will eventually bring you Peace Of Mind!


You may come to find that when you start to avoid picking up loads that don’t even belong to you, some people will try to make you feel guilty or even resent you.  When it wasn’t even your responsibility to begin with!

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You may also add loads for you to carry by struggling to keep up with social media by feeling the pressure to impress.  The unhealthy habits we pick up which may even bring health problems along the way.  Or maybe the most dangerous of all; drowning ourselves in endless debts only to keep up with the Joneses.


We live in a consumerist society where it is socially acceptable to spend millions of dollars in marketing strategies for products which we can definitely live without.  It is safe to say we all have at least one of those products at home.  An expensive exercise equipment for instance, which promised to whip us into shape but is currently the most expensive garment rack in our household.  We are programmed to think that by acquiring any given product being advertised our lives are bound to change for the better.  The reality is, that as humans we are in need of very few essential things, Food, Basic Clothing and Shelter.


Consider for a moment how you would react under the circumstances of the following experiment.  Pick a specific change of clothing (same style and color) for you to wear during a whole year which you could only adjust for the change in seasons.  You would come to find impressive side benefits such as the dollar savings you would amass by not struggling to be trendy with every set of clothes; the indecisiveness of having to chose what to wear would be reduced,  you would save time, minimized social pressure and would be much more comfortable overall.


Even when this experiment may sound too extreme, the main objective is to be able to put you in a state of mind in which you are able to identify and shed all the excess loads you have come to carry during your journey.  


You may have heard the word Yoke before, which is a wooden crosspiece that is fastened over the necks of two animals and attached to the plough or cart that they are to pull.  This concept has also been extensively used to represent an oppression or dominion of one person over another.  It also refers to something that connects two things or people, usually in a way that unfairly limits freedom.

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A common yoke [oppression] hard to identify, that we may already be under is being in debt.  Studies support that debts are a main factor in sleep depravation and stress.  Even when initially debts appear to be manageable, they are designed in form to keep you tangled in the long run.


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Not everything is lost!  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  First of all, work on identifying which are the loads you are supposed to carry and which are the additional loads you’ve picked up along the way which are weighing you down.  As part of your personal development process you need to make it your goal to begin letting go of all those loads that do not contribute to the quality of your life.  Remember that once you begin to return people their life loads, they will begin to look at you as a rebel who doesn’t conform to norm.  Begin by making a detailed list of all the loads you are aware are not yours to carry.

Once you get rid of those excess loads, you will find that you now have the time and energy to achieve your full potential.  Your success will become more noticeable because you are now on track to do what you were supposed to be doing all along; which is carry your own loads. 

Angela Merkel Quote Dont get bogged down

Remember… You are not a load truck! You were born to be Free!  By having the correct information you will be able to identify which loads belong to you and which loads do not.  This will grant you more time to continue on the path of personal development so you are able to Challenge Yourself to be Better… To Do More… To Live For Growth!


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