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The Difference Between Who You Are And Who You Want to be is in what you do!

It’s inevitable… we are constantly being bombarded with hundreds or even thousands of inspirational quotes a day.  From personal development and success to love and happiness; we are constantly offered plenty of sources to take inspiration from.  If you researched the actual meaning of the word inspiration, you would find some fascinating definitions such as: 
1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.  
2. Someone or something that gives you ideas for doing a specific thing.  



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What these two definitions have in common is the concept of action.  Every definition of inspiration we researched included in some way, shape or form the intent of action and motivation.  The idea of doing something with the inspiration itself.  Taking into consideration how readily available inspirational messages appear to be; it’s hard to understand why so many people who are exposed to inspirational quotes lack the action that is supposed to come from the inspiration itself. 


They may read a beautiful quote and yet have a disconnect between the message and the action that limits the inspiration.  The message simply does not awaken anything new in them.  The seed simply does not sprout.  


What we have come to find out is that most of those inspirational quotes were born through a period in which the author may have faced and conquered some type of adversity.  The message inside any given inspirational quote is directly linked to the author’s trials and tribulations as well as to their success.  If the reader does not have a personal desire to improve and succeed, the message will not connect with them.  The motivation has to come from the reader.


The intention behind the quote to inspire the reader can not come to fruition if the reader has no desire to grow during their journey.  The reader may also lack the discipline or the strength the author had to express themselves and take action.  Behind every inspirational quote there’s a story of a life who needed to show courage and strength to overcome adversity at a given point in time.  

How To Live For Growth?

We need to take a closer look at ourselves.  Evaluate who we are and how we conduct ourselves in our daily lives.  By being honest about who and where we are in our lives, we can start living in such a way that our actions can become inspirational quotes to the lives of others.  Each time you read an inspirational quote you need to take the time to internalize it and see how it can add value to your life.

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Be open to the meaning behind each quote you read and ask yourself what value can any given quote add to your life.  Have the confidence that you are fully capable of accomplishing any goal you establish. Also ask yourself what value can you add to the lives of other based on each quote.  The road to self development is mostly about consistency.

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We would LOVE to hear what are some of your favorite inspirational quotes!  Use the Comments section below to send us a few of the most inspiring quotes you know and love!


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