Live outside the box


“Our limiting beliefs may hinder our true potential”

At some point in our lives we have all heard the concept of thinking outside the box. The statement of making an effort to take our thought process beyond our comfort zone to where our current knowledge can reach. What we may have missed by employing this particular practice, is that thinking outside the box is only the first step in making a true impact.  

We have to focus on breaking outside the norm in everything we set our minds to.  There can come a point in time where we may even have to be disruptive and stop trying to fit in.  This may include having to speak our minds when it may not always be comfortable.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out

We are not destined to become another number in the world’s population.  Our main objective needs to be focused on how to leave a trail; how to make a difference, how to leave a mark and how to open doors for others to walk through.

This process will not obtain good results if it is not followed through with actions.  It begins with an inspired thought that resides outside the established parameters of common thinking but it needs to have action behind every thought. The difference will be determined by what comes after thinking outside the box. We need to begin living outside of it in every opportunity we get.  We need to be courageous!  Stepping outside our comfort zone has to become a daily goal in order to challenge ourselves to grow.


Living outside the box involves following your passions, understanding who you are and living outside your comfort zone.  While many are content simply living in a box by being comfortable and stuck in their daily routines; there are those that make an effort to get out each day looking for opportunities and taking the necessary steps to make their dreams a reality.

Colored umbrella along many black umbrellas

Some may be speak their minds, some reinvent themselves, some take the time to nurture their intellect and some may simply take the opportunities they are giving to start making a difference.  It’s time that you to take that leap of faith, but first you must take on a new way of thinking which may not be comfortable at times, but it will be life changing. 


By not only thinking outside the box; but living outside of it; we are providing the universe with the opportunity of manifesting new things as we are also being exposed to obtaining greater results in everything we take part of.  Our focus has to be on not only thinking outside the box but ensuring that our every action is aligned with that original inspired thought. This will guide us to greater success.

How do you overcome your fears to start living outside the box?


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