One of the greatest wastes in our society is the number of people who never achieve their full potential.  Getting to the top is not something that happens by accident.  When our initial reaction is to settle we end up being mediocre which by definition refers to becoming the type of person who does not possess the actual ability to do something well.  We have gotten used to doing just enough to get by.  However, the good news is that getting to the top is actually possible.

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We'll never know our full potential unless we push to find it!

We fail to realize that when our initial nature is to settle and not give our best effort; we are limiting our full potential by not even trying to achieve more.  We settle into a comfort zone by not striving for excellence.  We have to focus on going from undisciplined to determined.


We have to recognize if we are disciplined enough to filter the urgent (essential) from the less important.  Long enough we have settled for far less than our best effort and have convinced ourselves that quality, integrity and being true to ourselves are negotiable.  One key tool to fine tune our ability to prioritize is The Eisenhower MatrixDivided into four key quadrants it enables the user to categorize things into urgent, not urgent, important or not important.


Achieving our full potential is still a goal worth striving for.  Excellence is also still worth pursuing; but no one can do that with a lazy attitude.  A strong mental effort is needed.  When we take the time to study people who have been able to reach their full potential, we come to find they were able to do so by being disciplined, focused and having a strong work ethic. 


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How can a person who has been living with limiting beliefs change after so many years?

Limiting beliefs are those which constrain us in some way.  Just by believing them, we do not think, do or say the things that they inhibit. And in doing so we impoverish our lives.  Limiting beliefs will have the power to keep us ineffective and defeated.  The best way to overcome those limiting beliefs is to begin replacing each of them with a new thought of endless possibilities towards reaching your full potential. 


We have come to a point in time where we are surrounded with countless possibilities.  We have access to endless streams of information of whatever we could choose to work on, learn or achieve.  The issue lies in the lack of desire to pay the price and invest the time it takes to reach our goals through genuine efforts and discipline.

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We are looking for quick fixes and lack the patience to wait for results.  We all want “hurry-up” formulas.  Everybody comes to expect instant transformations.  Just as we have abundance of information, we may also have at hand incorrect information which will limit our beliefs and potential.  Sometimes even accepting these incorrect beliefs as norms and truths.

We may be fixed on tradition and bad habits of how to do certain things which will keep us stuck.


We tend to get involved with issues that are not directly related to our main goals.  We are not talking in the context of physical possessions.  We are talking about quality of life, integrity, being authentic, respect and true love.  Once you are able to live through those qualities, the material possessions will come as a result of living a life full of purpose, discipline and  awareness.  This will provide you the ability of being able to distinguish the beneficial from the less necessary.  

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When we refer to your true potential, we are talking in the context of being something which is your responsibility; something that no one can do for you.  


The decision will ultimately be up to you.  You will have to choose if you want to live well, grow, fight, sow, love and live with integrity.  Never settle with getting half-way to the top.  An athlete will never train to come in second place or to not finish the competition at all.  The effort has to be made during the preparation period.

You need to Challenge Yourself to Be Better… To Do More… To Live For Growth!

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