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If there is one Life Skill everyone on the planet needed, it would be the ability to think with critical objectivity.

Have you ever been on a rollercoaster, which once it starts you have no other option but to ride it out until the end?  Between ups and down, curves, loops and acceleration you do not have to necessarily think; the cart will take its course.  How many times have we set out to complete a certain task which we dedicated all our time to find out in the end that it was not the necessary thing we needed to be doing?


For example;  you study to obtain your college degree to please your parents, counselors or take advantage of labor demands and at the end, after all the sacrifice you realize it was not your calling.  You may even find yourself in a relationship that took away the best years of your life to find out in the end it was not the correct one.  Remember, we are still human which are bound to make mistakes.  We have the opportunity to learn from each of those times we did not succeed without forgetting that it is possible to minimize each mistake.


Once we drain our energy in work, relationships, or the dreams of others, which may turn out to not be what we were supposed to even be doing; we may face a feeling of frustration and discouragement.  We look back and see the resources we may have wasted.  The many sleepless nights we spent without rest while draining out the last drops of energy and still not obtaining the expected results.


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We begin to question the reasons behind each situation and if we were to lack the necessary awareness, this could make us more likely to lose our motivation.  This may also happen when we do not give ourselves the opportunity on a daily basis to think consciously on what we are doing.  Life is not like a rollercoaster which is hard to stop once it starts.

In real life we have the ability to stop what we are doing at any given point in time to reflect, analyze, compare, see where we are coming from as well as where we are headed.  We have the ability of critical thinking which we don’t always use to our advantage by not focusing on what we are doing on a daily basis.

The purpose of critical thinking is Rethinking: That is, Reviewing, Evaluating and Revising Thoughts.

We may even have the tendency of being pushed by life’s momentum and fail to analyze each single step we take in our daily lives, work and relationships.  We need to take control of our decisions and understand what direction our lives are headed to be able to influence the outcome of every step of our lives.

By taking the time to think and be aware of your daily actions, the necessary adjustments will become clearer which will motivate you to dedicate both the time and the effort.  New ideas will surface as a result of these purposed thoughts.  You will be able to adjust the sails of your ship to reach the destination you desire.  You will also be able to identify what you need to leave behind and improve in order to secure the best possible results.


Could you imagine how frustrating it would be for us to focus all our efforts on climbing a mountain only to find out in the end we climbed the wrong mountain?  This could have been easily avoided if we had set aside the time to think.  Make a habit of analytical thinking and you would be pleasantly surprised of what you can find.


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We cannot afford to waste time or key moments of our lives.  We have to make each moment in our lives count in order to live a life of abundance in the entire sense of the word.  We cannot run the risk of being busy but not taking the time to be aware of what it is we are actually doing.  Have you stopped to examine the decisions you make on a daily basis? Have you taken the time to carefully observe what it is you are actually doing so you can get to know the characteristics, qualities and state of your daily actions?


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Time given to thoughts is the greatest time-saver of All

The same way a student is examined to evaluate his progress, we need to evaluate ourselves every single day to better understand in which direction our lives are headed.  Take the time to think; not necessarily meditate, but to have the opportunity of investing 15 minutes of your day in processing your thoughts in order to Challenge Yourself To Be Better… To Do More… To Live For Growth!


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