At some point in our lives we have all been faced with situations that for some reason do not permit us to move forward. In the midst of the situation we may sometimes not have the awareness of how to get through it. We may even encounter situations in which we assume they will never come to pass.

The following quotes are mainly focused on our ability to find that power within ourselves to overcome the obstacles and grow. One of the only ways we are going to be able to overcome those scenarios mentioned above, is to understand that we need to be challenged in order to become the best version of ourselves.

Getting up is the hard part; not falling. The only way would be truly defeated is to never get up and try.

Even though it is easier to focus on how much things hurt sometimes, we are not destined for success if we only focus on the negative. We need to be challenged in order to grow!

We’ve all had life experiences which have shaken us to our core. From losing a family member to losing a job, from feeling lost, lonely or depressed to many more. We’ve all experienced at some point; being at a crossroads and having to make a decision if we want to stay where we are or if we want to continue moving forward. We need to understand that life will inevitably go on, and so should we.

We shouldn’t stop our growth as individuals due to being in a situation where we are in love with somebody and yet feel stuck. There is always the opportunity of moving forward without them. Remember that the universe will eventually set the roadmap in order for us to have the right person at our side. We just have to take the necessary action steps.

We can’t go through life wanting to solve everything that comes our way. We need to STOP… enjoy the journey…. and understand that our lives our complex roads which we need to travel in order to reach our destination.

Brace yourself…. it is going to be a bumpy ride yet an extraordinary journey.

Looking forward will enable us to let go of past and move towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

At any given point in our lives we may have experienced the feeling of seeing a door closed. What we may not understand is that the universe always provides balance and continuity. It is not up to us to understand every little detail along the way; but to enjoy the ride!

Life is mostly comprised of challenges which enable us to grow. We are not the person we were 10 years ago. Mainly in part to all the challenges we may have faced from that point on. For that same reason we have grown into a stronger, more resilient version of ourselves.

Every step we take has to have the power of intent. We were not placed on this earth to aimlessly walk the journey; but to seek and conquer; to dream, hope, excel and achieve!


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