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The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows...

Many of us spend our early adult years in educational institutions, various new jobs and interacting with new people. There’s a natural element of learning during this time as each new experience adds to our life that which was previously unknown. But what happens when a few more years go by and nothing has changed? Maybe we’re still working the same job, hanging out with the same circle of friends and there have been no new challenges thrown our way to force us to grow. 


Unless you are continuing to find ways to learn, what will likely happen is you become complacent in your environment and you will eventually be missing out on opportunities that others which are continuing to learn will take advantage of.  We have gathered some of the most popular excuses people may come up with to justify their unwillingness to learn new things.

1. Not Enough Time

Not enough Time

We all have the same 24 hour days. This excuse is not about the lack of time, but bad time management.  Studies have shown that successful driven individuals obtain better results by properly planning their days to reflect the goals they want to achieve.


Begin by asking yourself; What daily tasks or activities are consuming valuable time of your day? The answer may actually surprise you when you complete this assessment and analyze your day.  You may come to find that many of the most time consuming points of your list are not priorities in regards to your personal development.  You would be amazed on how dedicating one hour a day can amount to greater things.  Time Management Tools We Recommend.

2. Too Much Conflicting Information

Knowledge without application is nothing

We currently live in an era where information is very readily accessible.  We may even be under the impression that because we are exposed to all this information we are actually learning.  This may not even be the case.  Gathering a ton of information has never solved actual problems at hand without implementation.  And it is those who actually do [implement] who are the successful ones.  Implementation comes when we are able to filter all the information available and apply what we actually need to move forward in any stage of life we may currently be in with actions. How To Get Things Done?

3. Too Old

Never Too Old

Most older people have a hard time learning new things, but it is not because of their age.  It is because they make the conscious decision to stop learning even though they may not even realize it.  In most instances the limitation of age is self imposed.  Our age cannot become the determining factor of our ability to learn new things.  The desire has to come from within when we encounter the realization that learning is a process that will enable us to grow by challenging us into gaining new perspectives and experiences.  Here’s a Great Way To Start…

4. Working Too Much

Working Too Much

Working until being drained to the point of exhaustion will kill the ability to learn new things.  Even though in your mind you may have the desire to do so, physically you won’t have the strength.  It is important to make an effort to achieve excellence on your work related tasks without incurring into overworking.  They key is to balance your work life so it does not interfere with your time away from work.  Make sure you take away some of the time you would have spent overworking and focus on learning something new at every chance you get.  Even when it may be work-related.  The point is to continue learning, growing and gaining new perspectives while being able to Lead a Balanced Life.

5. Need to have fun / Distractions

Learning has gotten a bad reputation of being boring and simply not fun; when it needs to be taken as the exact opposite.  Learning will keep you alert, it will improve your short term memory as well as your longterm memory.  Learning has the capacity of being fun if you do it correctly.  Understanding how something you use actually works can prove to be an engaging reason to learn.  You can learn anything from how to do a great barbecue to learning how to code software applications.



LFG Logo New

Any of those can bring the self satisfaction of being able to share the actual knowledge with your inner circle of friends and family.  It can help you solve problems and simplify things out.  Learning can help you see things from a whole new perspective.  It is not productive for us to spend endless hours doing pointless activities which contribute nothing to our goals or who we want to be.  We have to make the decision of wanting to learn.  It is a time investment which will gather great rewards in return.  When you decide to learn you begin investing in yourself. We believe in Habit Stacking – Find Out More…

6. Complacency

Complacency is defined as self satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.  A self-satisfied state of negligence or carelessness, especially in relation to one’s personal situation.  Many people’s aim in life is to be comfortable. To be able to enjoy what they feel they have worked hard for.  A large home, a fancy car, a great job are all measures of success that enable us to be comfortable.  The problem resides however, when we feel that we no longer have to strive for success.  When we are satisfied with just going through the motions of our daily lives without the need of additional effort. Break this belief by setting Goals and taking action steps to achieve each one. Start Setting Goals…

7. What's the need?

When you have no clear goals established; you may not see the need or benefits of learning.  This lack of purpose in life will steal the motivation you need to begin learning new things.  Take into consideration that even when you may not see the direct benefit of learning something new; the end result will be an increased value of life,  if we make it our goal to continue growing through gaining new knowledge.  To Keep Your Goals on Track We Recommend…


Learning is tough and may sometimes be frustrating, but nothing is greater than reaching your accomplishments.  When you reach your goals, your happiness is not reliant on others.  Personal Development is a way to guarantee us serenity from within.  One of the best feelings in the world is teaching others what we have learned.  The world is constantly changing due to technological advancements.  We have to adapt to change.  The best way to do that is by learning. 

"Never believe that you are done learning."

- Live For Growth

Learning is not always about having all the answers.  It is a continuous process about constantly adding value to your life.  The only way to improve our values is to keep on learning.  Remember… Learning is fun, it keeps you alert, young and bright.  You can accomplish learning new things when you set your mind to it.  Just make sure you focus on gaining knowledge which adds value to your life and to the lives of those around you.


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