Our quest to achieve better health usually turns into a rollercoaster of excessive information filled with conflicting data as well as trial and error periods in order to find what works for us. This never ending quest clearly indicates our awareness of the need each of us have for improvement in this area.

After an extensive research, we have compiled a comprehensive list with what the worlds leading experts suggest in order to achieve a higher level of health and wellness.

9 Scientific Secrets to Healthy Aging

Taking Blood Pressure

In this engaging article by WebMD field experts provide perspective on the importance of diet and exercise at every stage of our lives. Health and wellness tips in this post range from the damaging effects of smoking and loneliness to the effects of neglecting sleep.

The Worlds Best Kept Health Secrets

This article which can be found on the Reader’s Digest website, provides a comprehensive guide on how health can be enhanced and illness prevented or treated in simple ways that anyone can manage.

The topics discussed in this article range from closely monitoring your heart to memory exercises which are mainly focused on preventing illness and promoting wellness. This article also provides many tips in different areas such as diet, exercise, emotional wellness and much more.

Top 10 Secrets About Stress and Health

This great article from Knowable Magazine by Tom Siegfried focuses on identifying main stress causing factors and provides relevant advice on how to manage and overcome each one. It takes the time to point out different types of stress in order to provide effective management mechanisms. This great article is very easy to navigate and well written which enables the reader to obtain useful information and data very straightforward.

10 Top Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Health Regimen Secrets

We tend to be more inclined to learn from successful people by nature; mainly due to the simple analysis of being able to copy the behaviors that eventually lead them to their success. This article which can be found on Entrepreneur blog; focuses on gathering tips from successful entrepreneurs while providing an in-depth view of key behaviors successful individuals have consistently employed during their journey. From diet and exercise practices, to health and activity routines it is all well formatted with access to additional links as well.

10 Junk Foods Disguised as Health Foods


Many of us tend to focus on eliminating junk food from our diet regime in order to reach a better nutritional health status. This particular article functions as an eye opener in this regard, as it points out several popular “healthy foods” which turn out to have the opposite results in our system.

Published on Fitness Magazine, this article provides 10 of the top “healthy foods” which turn out to be just as harmful as junk food [if not more]. From store bought Hummus to Bottled Iced Tea and Vegan cheese to low carb protein bars, it takes the time to explain the effects each of the categories listed have on the body.

This very informative article is essential; as it provides the reader with the eye opening realization that there are no shortcuts on eating healthy and yet, it provides a suggestion for each category on what truly healthy alternatives are available.

Wellness Tips and Tricks From Top Health Experts, Entrepreneurs and Influencers

This particular article which can be found on Thrive Global provides a comprehensive detailed list of expert provided advice for making the most of each day.

Experts range from celebrities and political figures to entrepreneurs and CEO’s. Each expert provides life philosophies, do’s and don’ts as well as best practices that have enabled them to stay consistently successful in their particular endeavors.

The main purpose of this extensive research is to provide each reader with detailed information, tips and advice from the top experts in the field in order to have the tools to become the best version of yourself in key areas of our lives such as diet, exercise, mental wellness and much more.



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