Asking ourselves the correct questions can guide us towards reaching a life full of purpose and achievements.

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The concept of a Purpose Driven Life has been presented as mostly a step by step guide towards self discovery and awareness.  The ability of fully understanding who we are and what we are here to accomplish is a very attractive proposition which has reached millions of people.  As amazing as the concept is, the immensity of the concept may sometimes prevent us from truly grasping what a Purposed Driven Life truly is.

We have gathered 5 of the top questions you need to ask yourself in order to begin the journey of self discovery which can uncover your true purpose.

1. What makes you feel alive, fulfilled and present?

Take an honest look at your daily life and identify which activities make you feel alive.  Make a list of all the things that truly fill you with joy, happiness and the complete awareness of living in the now.  By asking the correct questions you will find out all the things which contribute to your sense of fulfillment.  Make an effort to identify real moments in your life that you have been able to enjoy without restrictions.  
Use your list to then identify tangible action steps that will start to lead you in the path to self discovery.


2. Where does your mind drift to when it is free of worry?

Sometimes our minds have the tendency to escape into other places which we may not fully understand.  Our minds have the ability of painting a vivid picture of where our minds desire to be.  Pay close attention to your thoughts and to the places your mind drifts when you are not fully aware.  This exercise will begin to provide you with a wider perspective of what truly makes you feel complete.
It is imperative to begin using visualization techniques which can assist you in getting a clearer picture in your mind.  Use every visualization to your advantage by enabling your mind to live in the desired state.


3. Why do you really want to find your true purpose?

Sometimes the easiest questions have the hardest answers to find.  As simple as this question may sound it is full of layers of deeper questions such as why do we need to find our purpose?  How can we benefit from being aware of our purpose?  What will you do with this new found sense of purpose?  How will you contribute to those around you by this enlightenment of knowledge?
The reality of getting to know your purpose is that every step of the journey will be a continuous evolution for you to uncover who you need to be in order to fulfill your purpose.


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4. What inspires you? What is your motivation?

Set the intention of getting to know what are the things that truly inspire you.  All the things that get you in a state of bliss and satisfaction.  Make sure you write every inspiration down to the smallest details.  Challenge your mind during this process and create a vision board which resembles your inspirations.  You need to start having it present in your thoughts in order for your mind to build the intention which will bring the motivation of your purpose.


5. If money wasn’t an obstacle how would you live every single day?

This is probably one of the most popular and well known questions experts tend to use to begin the process of self discovery.  The way this question is presented enables you to answer not taking into consideration any present limitations or limiting beliefs.  When in actuality all the obstacles that currently limit your true potential are what you need to confront and work on.


These questions are mainly designed to motivate you to be introspective and to purposefully want to learn more about yourself.  It is important to be fully aware and not be in such a hurry to reach our destination so we do not miss the beauty in every stage of our journey.  The revelation of our true purpose will become clearer as we continue to understand who we truly are.  

REMEMBER… daily small efforts will amount to greater things that will help reveal your true self.


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